About Us

Just Dandy is home décor and gift boutique filled with treasures you're sure to love!

At Just Dandy customers can come to find beautiful decorations for their home, unique pieces of furniture and accessories, as well as gifts for every occasion. 

Every customer is our number one priority.  We want our customers to have fun and enjoy their shopping experience. We want and will help each and every customer become excited about the goodies they are taking home.  Just Dandy provides all customers with a convenient solution to step away from the large store pressure and demand and into a family-owned comfy store with top-notch customer service, friendly faces, and great prices for all your home decor and gifting desires. We believe in creating a wonderful place to shop, customers will come back again and again.


In early 2016 Danielle & Joshua Crow had a vision to bring rustic new beginnings to Old Town Lafayette, Colorado. From the careful selection of the business location to the carefully selected items available Danielle (aka Dandy) understood that such beginnings start at home since it's at home is where many memories and dreams will be made.

Our family also includes two young boys, Jacob, Kobe and our celebrity pup, Mr. Nitro.



Why Just Dandy?

Our Dream was to open a family business where we could all take part and be proud.  We do not care about making huge and over-inflated corporate profits; but we will do care about our family’s future. We promised ourselves that we will work hard and dedicate our lives to this business, our families, and our customers alike. We committed ourselves to this business and put everything we had into it because we knew our experiences and passions will be the cornerstone features that will make this business a success now and for future generations.

About Dandy

I have always had a passion for decorating and home design, even at a young age.  Growing up I have wonderful memories decorating with my Mom as the seasons changed.  I love when the weather changes and the pumpkins, warm colors and heavenly smells come out for fall.  Or when the Holidays roll around and you get to make your home sparkle with lights and ornaments.  When you have treasures that are special to you and your family, it makes your house your home.

I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to manage a home décor retail store for 12 years and work in a leadership role for an additional 5 years.  Starting with my first job in high school where I worked part time at a small country home décor store.  I loved the small-town environment where you know your customers by name.  A place where it’s like Christmas when new shipments arrive.  Ever since my first job, I have always dreamed of having a little store of my own.

I am so grateful to have this opportunity to open a store of my own named Just Dandy.